Sunday, August 9, 2009


Got some new babies at my house!
Not sure what type bird they are, but they currently reside in a fern hanging on my back porch! It's funny how this happened...cause we lost Pluto yesterday!
Pluto was our rowdy parakeet, but we had grown to love him! He was Hallie's, a gift from Peepaw for her 4th birthday. We're not sure what happened to him, but this nest of new birdies is right outside the window where we put his cage. So, with death came life, or so it seems.
In other neighbor's are about to have a new baby at their house too. Currently taking it easy, April will be bringing the little guy into the world in the next couple of weeks! We're so excited for her, daddy ~Chris~ and big sister ~Courtnee~!


KristinRanae said...

Those are house finches:) I had three sets in the same fern this summer. I enjoyed each batch!

I'm sorry to hear about Pluto!!! :(

Jeremy said...

Hey, Were still around! Just too dadgum busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seems like we're always on the go. Chas wrecked the new car this past Sat. Oh well! Maybe we'll slow down since weather's changing - oh yeah, hunting season's fixin to start - I guess we won't slow down. Anyway, hope yall are well.