Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Raisin' little's never dull!

It's not often that I'm late to the punch...but it does happen. My saving grace here is that I never proclaimed that I'd have the latest and greatest movie news on this here blog! Have you seen the Disney movie with McDreamy, Enchanted? No? Go get it. We purchased it through the wonderful Dish on Demand tonight and I must give it two enthusiastic thumbs up! It's a great family movie! We curled up on the couch to watch this one and it got warm reviews all around. However, my little man's response got me grinnin'. I was gushing about how good the movie was (don't get all excited just to be let down about is a kid sort of you should expect that when you watch it) and Hayden says, "Well, it wasn't that great." Me: "Why didn't you like it?" Hayden: "It was just too....I don't know - sweet." A part of me hopes he always thinks this way. Women will sink their claws into a sensitive man. I gotta get him out of that! ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Balancing Act

It's tough...huh!? Some days I'm left standing in my kitchen, dust cloud settling around me, wondering how I got there. It's everyday events like shuttling to and from school, ball practices, extracurricular activities, housework/maintenance, pets, laundry and add a job (for those that have one) that keep us in a constant state of motion. I wonder if we actually know what it's like to sit still anymore. Gone are the days where the kids play in the yard while the grown-ups hold their rockers in place on the front porch. Air conditioning may have had a lot to do with that, I guess. What happened to the easy breezy days? Not just during Summer time. Everyday shouldn't be a mad dash to make the next big event in our lives. Life happens around us all the time. How much are we actually missing out on by taking it all on? Everything suffers when we stretch ourselves thin. From relationships to job performance - it all takes a beating. All the more reason to evaluate what we've got on our plates and choose what we can do without. With Summer half gone, I realize that I haven't gotten to enjoy much of it. I haven't been the beneficiary to too much relaxation. What I have tried to enjoy has ended up being something that everyone involved wouldn't have I tend to bend to the majority. Nevertheless...make the best of the opportunities you have to enjoy life, your family and yourself. This is our only chance to take it all in and I'm going to try and do just that from now stride! What about you?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time Flies...

Eight years ago today was a Saturday. I was preparing to make the biggest decision of my life (at the time) right here in my hometown.
I've learned so much about myself since the day I said "I Do". Marriage is an ever-changing animal. There are many factors that make up a marriage and I am constantly amazed by how folks make it work. Everyone's marriage is different. Some share loads of laundry while others don't; some marriages have the woman tending to the babies while others have stay-at-home dads. Of all the things I'll list below that I've learned from my eight years I will say that #1 has to be that you can't compare your marriage to anyone else's - NO MATTER WHAT!
The following are from different scenarios that may or may not have happened in my household during the past eight years.

When in an argument with your spouse (no matter the subject) it is not a good idea to utter the words, "Well, your simple mind just can't comprehend this." Nope. No matter how you say it, it won't end up good. Trust me.

When you're trying to get your point across, be sure you've at least pictured a response before you open your mouth. At least then you'll know what to expect. For instance...If you and your spouse are discussing marriage with somone that isn't (married), saying the following is most likely not throwing down your best card: "What you need to do is just find you the ugliest nice person you can find and settle; that's what I did." (Are those crickets I hear in the background?)

Should your spouse lose something of value that just happens to represent the very sanctity of marriage, it might not be in anyone's best interest to inquire as to whether or not they pawned the item in question. Especially if it's during a frantic search of air conditioning vents and sink drains. Not smart - at all.

I have found that raising children is hard work...but it doesn't come close to raising a marriage. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and even easier to lose sight of how you got there.

I planned a trip for my significant other and I for a spa getaway this past weekend to celebrate eight years of putting up with each other. After a while you get comfortable. There's something to be said for comfort, I think. I mean, ladies, you can wander around in no make up and rollers in your hair and not worry...cause you're married. Guys, you can.....well, we all know what you do when you get comfy...and not worry, cause you're married. That being said, I think nurturing that "first date" feeling could go a long way.

We were "sight-seeing" around the venue and got off the beaten path a bit. My significant other proceeded to do that thing guys do when they're comfy around eyes rolled. "Now if this were our first date, you wouldn't have done that!", I said. (My point here was that after eight years I hope I still give you that "first date" feeling of nervousness.) "If you're looking for first date antics, you're in the wrong place!", he replied. "That's why you get married - so you can be comfortable!" There's truth in both statements, I think. While the comfortable feeling that comes with it is grand, first date feelings are not overrated! It all takes nurturing and it's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget how you got there. You forget who was with you along the way. And sadly, you can forget who you were when you started the journey.

Appreciation is often the first thing to go. I got news for ya'...that ain't good! Keep it out front and use the words, "Thank you! I appreciate that!", as often as you can. We don't think twice about saying something that could hurt the other's feelings...but for some reason we'll go months (or longer) without uttering these words. Think about this...if you're having a party and a guest offers to carry the trash downstairs for you, you wouldn't dare let it happen without a thank you to that person, right? But, on your average Monday evening when supper is going, kids are hollering and dogs are barking it's easy be miffed when your significant other might not think to take it out when it's full. You might ask and they comply...but how easy it is to forget to say "Thanks" when they do. There's the element of expectation there. Don't get me wrong...some expectation is good. But, what if simple thank you's along the way helped make them more frequent. Would that hurt? Not at all. And the beauty of it is that it goes for the guys and dolls!

Learn "I'm sorry". Learn when to insert it into the conversation. Timing is everything. It will only be beneficial to you - I promise.

Make it your goal each day to brighten that person's day somehow. In today's techno savvy world, a "thinking of you" is just a text or email away. Make it happen.

Bottom have to laugh. Everyone else will be, anyway. Life is funny...don't think God sits up there watching documentaries and dramas all day! A little comedy is good for the soul.

Now...go; nurture; act like it's your first date...let me know how it goes!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

My little man is six years old! May 23, 2002 he made me the happiest person on Earth by making me a mommy! It's the greatest job I've ever had and I couldn't have asked for a better little guy to be mommy to.
As I approached the hospital around 6AM that morning, I was eerily calm. It was as if this was the job I had been waiting for all my life. My labor was mild, didn't last very long and the end result was more than I ever could have hoped for. I can't remember what it was like before I was called mommy...but I'm sure it was boring!
Hayden is my thinker. He's articulate and precise with every move he makes. He wants nothing more than to please others so that they're proud of him and that's exactly what I am! I thank God each day for allowing me the privelege of being mother to such an amazing little guy.
My mom tells me how lucky my kids are to have me as their mommy and my husband for their daddy. In some ways, she's right and I know that.
Truth be told, I'm the lucky far!