Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Balancing Act

It's tough...huh!? Some days I'm left standing in my kitchen, dust cloud settling around me, wondering how I got there. It's everyday events like shuttling to and from school, ball practices, extracurricular activities, housework/maintenance, pets, laundry and add a job (for those that have one) that keep us in a constant state of motion. I wonder if we actually know what it's like to sit still anymore. Gone are the days where the kids play in the yard while the grown-ups hold their rockers in place on the front porch. Air conditioning may have had a lot to do with that, I guess. What happened to the easy breezy days? Not just during Summer time. Everyday shouldn't be a mad dash to make the next big event in our lives. Life happens around us all the time. How much are we actually missing out on by taking it all on? Everything suffers when we stretch ourselves thin. From relationships to job performance - it all takes a beating. All the more reason to evaluate what we've got on our plates and choose what we can do without. With Summer half gone, I realize that I haven't gotten to enjoy much of it. I haven't been the beneficiary to too much relaxation. What I have tried to enjoy has ended up being something that everyone involved wouldn't have I tend to bend to the majority. Nevertheless...make the best of the opportunities you have to enjoy life, your family and yourself. This is our only chance to take it all in and I'm going to try and do just that from now stride! What about you?

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