Sunday, June 29, 2008

Raisin' little's never dull!

It's not often that I'm late to the punch...but it does happen. My saving grace here is that I never proclaimed that I'd have the latest and greatest movie news on this here blog! Have you seen the Disney movie with McDreamy, Enchanted? No? Go get it. We purchased it through the wonderful Dish on Demand tonight and I must give it two enthusiastic thumbs up! It's a great family movie! We curled up on the couch to watch this one and it got warm reviews all around. However, my little man's response got me grinnin'. I was gushing about how good the movie was (don't get all excited just to be let down about is a kid sort of you should expect that when you watch it) and Hayden says, "Well, it wasn't that great." Me: "Why didn't you like it?" Hayden: "It was just too....I don't know - sweet." A part of me hopes he always thinks this way. Women will sink their claws into a sensitive man. I gotta get him out of that! ;)

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