Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sanity...Who Decides?

Most are probably familiar with the case of Lauren Burk - the 18 year old freshman at Auburn University that was killed in March. Her body, found on Hwy. 147 was suffering from a gunshot wound that she later died from. As an Auburn alumni, I'm more than familiar with Hwy. 147. It's a rural "cow-town" road that is adapting to change as each incoming freshman class approaches "the lovliest village on the plains".
When this story broke it hit a little too close to home.
Now that Courtney Lockhart has been indicted on three capital murder charges, you would think that the family of Lauren Burk might be able to finally take a breath. The loss of a child is something no one ever asks for...nor should they have to encounter. This bright young girl was headed toward great things in her life. Maybe she was into art, athletics, music or reading. I bet she was a great friend. Mostly, I bet her parents were proud to call her their daughter...and this senseless act took that right away from them.
I have to ask myself how I might handle something like this and of course I'm left speechless. I don't think anyone can answer how they would respond. However, I am intrigued by the report that Lockhart's defense attorneys are preparing an insanity defense. WHAT?!!!!!!!! Why? I'm no judge here...or a jury for that matter...but I'd be willing to bet my stimulus check on the fact that he knew full well what he was doing. He forced her to remove her clothes before he robbed her; he was also indicted on a charge of robbing a business in his hometown of Smiths Station. Sorry, but this doesn't scream insane to screams repeat offender. Lock his butt up before he does it again!!!!!! Please!!!!!
This does make me question the whole 'insanity plea' thing. My opinion (not that anyone asked): If you murder someone, you belong behind bars. If the reason you did it is because you're INSANE, that's just one more reason for you to be locked up. You are a danger to others and a detriment to society. It's common sense, folks. I understand due process, blah, blah, blah. But, I challenge anyone to bear the loss of a child to a cold-blooded killer and try to find it in themselves to be okay with that person wandering around FREE all because their attorneys came up with a dang good "insanity defense".
I'm all for forgiveness and I would trust in God to help me with that, but there has to be a line drawn. Your thoughts?

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KristinRanae said...

I agree! If you are found "insane" then you should still be thrown into jail...wearing a straight jacket!

My heart just aches for this family. This is something that they will never get over. Sad:(