Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Babies In the House!!!

My dog, Jacee, had puppies on Thursday night and they just might be the most adorable creatures I've ever seen. I'm unsure of their deadbeat daddy or his whereabouts...but they are super-cute! See the picture above! I'm looking for great homes for each of them. I believe they are Lab/Golden Retriever mix. However, it's a bit too soon to tell. Soooooo....drop me a line (jmbw4au@hotmail.com) if you're interested! They were born on September 25th - so they'll be ready about six weeks from that date. I have six females and three males.


Briana said...

Such precious babies!!! Can we get some additional photos and possibly one of the mom?

Jenn said...

Why you certainly may. I'll get some up-to-date shots and you can pass them out to all your dog loving friends!