Friday, October 3, 2008

More pictures of the puppies!

Well...back by popular demand - more puppy pictures! There's several here! The pup with the white streak on his head has been named (appropriately so) Harry Potter! Feel free to change her name is you decide to take her. They're a week old now and still haven't opened their eyes or ears. They are grunting a lot more and requiring more food from Jacee (also pictured below)
and she's been a great mommy. The kids adore them. Not sure how that seperation is going to go when the time comes. Oh well...

Hallie holding the one we call Harry Potter!

The one we call Harry, again!

No name for this one yet, but look at that face....precious, right?

Here they are - one big happy bunch! They spend most of their day like this.

Aren't they adorable!

And their mama - Jacee!


KristinRanae said...

Ahhhh! I want one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn said... are welcome to whichever one you choose! We'll tie a hello kitty bow around the one you want!

LeighAnne said...

I am seriously going to ask Blake if we can have one! What color boys do you have?

Jenn said...

I have three boys. Two black and one yellow.