Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seasons of Change...

It's been a while since I've posted. No reason in particular other than trying to keep up with everyday life. What's been going on with me? Well...where should I start? We're really looking forward to Turkey Day at our house! We get to travel to Atlanta to celebrate at Uncle Derek's house! It's always good to go visit them and the kids absolutely love their cousins Nick and Chris! They are just too cool for school!
I'm crazy addicted to this Swaptree site! It's a sickness...for real! I'm mailing books and getting books at least once a week and it's awesome! I wonder if it will be a fad that will fade like MySpace was for me. We'll see.
I'm trying really hard (and doing pretty good) to remember to take my new Thyroid medicine the Dr. put me on. I have noticed a difference, so that's good. Are you officially 'gettin' on up in the years' when you have to start taking maintenance medication? Oh it matters. Better now than when it's too late.
The kids and I are reading Harry Potter. We read a chapter each night and Hallie is loving it! She's way more into it than Hayden, but he'll come around. The first book is a struggle to get through anyway, but you gotta read it to know what's going on! The two of them amaze me everyday with their knowledge! (Hayden did manage to stump me with some math...but that's for a different blog. I'll try to get that one up tomorrow or the day after!)
We have four puppies left from Jacee's litter! They are adorable! I have three black girls and one black boy left. Any takers? They're cuties! So sweet, huge paws and short hair like a lab. The daddy dog is quite a story too...I'll elaborate more in another blog.
And today, I went through the roughest day at work I've ever had. We went through some layoffs at work this afternoon and when I tell you it was hard, I'm not even scratching the surface on describing it. It was heart wrenching to watch your friends and co-workers pack up their stuff, walk out and know that they won't be back tomorrow. I was lucky to not be among them, but I'm one of the many left behind to make sense of it all. It's hard not to question management in situations like this because you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle. You might think you could have done a better job at this or handled things more professionally or in a better manner, but no matter how you deliver's still the same bad news. I struggle like anyone else to make sense of the decisions, but I hope for everyone's sake that they were decisions made that will benefit everyone in the long run. I'm hopeful that the company will learn to be more efficient through this; I'm confident that some of these folks got a kick start into retirement and perhaps they'll learn how to relax all over again; I'm optimistic that a situation like this can throttle people into something they might never have tried otherwise; and I'm also painfully aware of the economy and how much worry and stress everyone of those individuals is feeling. I feel sad that they're gone...very sad. But, what is life if not a roller coaster, right?

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