Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Proceed with Caution

For those in and around the local Northeast Alabama use caution! When? Always! My inbox has been overflowing lately with forwards from folks that have been emailed about being followed, questioned by strangers, attacked, robbed or just made to feel uncomfortable. The worst part is that they're all taking place right here in our our local major discount stores. We can't be too careful! Everyday it's someone I know or a friend of someone I know that has been followed to their car and approached. My sister-in-law's friend was mugged in the parking lot of her major retail outlet in a woman! The lady sprayed her with mace and took everything she had! Ughhhhh! I found myself in this situation on Monday around lunchtime. Lunchtime! The middle of broad daylight! I never would have thought that anything strange would have happened at this time of day. Regardless, it did! The young gentleman followed me into the shoe department and he was unusually close to me. I had recently made the comment that I didn't think I would notice if someone were following me because I'm always so busy I don't have time to notice what's going on around me! But, this guy was noticable! He was creepy and most of all, he was all over me. It made me uncomfortable and out of sorts. Mostly, it pissed me off! I was so infuriated that someone was getting this kind of control over me and my time at the store! I mean, geez....I can't even go to the store anymore. Nothing major happened, but it could have. Had I been on the phone talking, he very well could have gotten away with my purse and I never would have known what hit me! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the economy being so bad. Times are tough. People go to extremes. But, I'm not going to stand for it! So, my plea to all of you is to be careful out there. Take notice of your surroundings. As a mother, daughter, sister, have to take care of yourself! What are all of you doing to make sure you're paying attention more to what's going on around you?


Briana Williams said...

Great words of advice and all very true! We all need to be much more cognizant of our surroundings. Things like this happen everyday and I'm guilty of being off in a different world and not focused on what's going on around me. I'm proud of you for facing fears and putting this guy in his place. I only hope I can be as blunt!!

Jason & Jessica said...

Oh Jenn
I am so glad that you noticed this guy and was able to avoid something terrible happening.
I will take the advice and be more aware of my surroundings.
thanks for another great blog

Bev said...

Same thing has occured at Hobby Lobby. BEWARE !!!!!!!!!