Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"ME" time - Don't you dare threaten it!

Recently, a fellow blogger, Daniel, posted about his (yes HIS!) pedicure experience. As I commented to him, I have to applaud the fact that he decided to willingly partake in the bliss of a pedicure. I know a ton of guys that would call it "sissy stuff" but go home and demand that their significant other rub their feet.
But, as a female, I had to admit that I'm a little territorial of the whole pedicure scene. I mentioned in my comments that it probably had a lot to do with the fact that it's often the only solice I find. I don't want anyone treading on my "ME" time. The next thing you know, it will be expected of me to entertain 'small sticky people' while I'm in the midst of my pedi! (Scoff!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not above's just that I really enjoy that time - ever so seldom as it may be!
I guess I attribute guys infiltrating the pedicure scene to women showing up at the guys poker night...or a day on the links for a man and his buddies...or guys night out....(insert your example here). I'm not saying they aren't welcome because I assure you, no one notices feet more than me! I will provide a standing ovation to anyone of the male gender that goes the extra mile to keep them dogs shows attention to detail. Just don't follow other male trends like joining the mani/pedi world, taking it over and trying to change it. It's fine the way it is - relaxing, therapeutic, consoling and good for the soul.
Nope...don't mess with it. Just roll up your pants legs, sit back in the massage chair and open your book (or crank up your IPOD)! Let them do the rest! Maybe I'm worrying for nothing...that's happened before, believe it or not. How many of you guys out there are in on this trend? Ladies, do you agree or disagree?
Whatever the case, you gotta check out Anjelah Johnson! Prepare to laugh your tushie off! If you've ever set foot inside a nail salon, you just might pee your pants!


Jason & Jessica said...

OH MY Jenn! I am laughing so hard my side hurts! That video is so true! I am an indulgent of a pedicure. Just this past weekend a man sat next to me during his was a little strange, but his feet were nasty (to say the least) and needed it bad! Good for him to notice.

Jenn said...

Absolutely good for him! He should be rewarded for keeping those puppies in decent shape!