Monday, March 24, 2008's not good for me.

What do you say?
Two weeks ago she was so excited. Two weeks ago she was on cloud 9! Two weeks ago she was so full of hope.
One week ago she was eating for two when she wasn't nauseated. One week ago she was dealing with big(ger) boobs! One week ago she was tired, but glowing.
Three days ago she was crying. Three days ago she was put to sleep. Three days ago she had her hopes stomped on...again.
Today she is tired. Today she is empty! Today she is sad...
....and I don't know what to say to her.
There are the same old words she's probably hearing from everyone - "It's in God's hands", It's going to get better...just wait", It's better that it happened now rather than later", "It just wasn't meant to be". Or maybe those are just some of the off-colored comments that I've heard. I'm often appalled at the type things that fall out of people's mouths during a time like this. I say fall, because I have to believe they are accidental. I just have to.
My heart aches for her. And I don't dare forget her husband who's been along for this journey the entire time. What a journey it's been, too. They're two of the most precious people I know who deserve nothing more than whatever form they choose to desire it. I struggle with understanding why myself...and I'm not even the one directly affected.
Nevertheless, I will push forward. I will do my best to let her know that I'm here - for whatever. I will make sure she knows where I am. My efforts will be limitless. I will be a friend because I can think of nothing else to do or anything else she needs more from me than that.
Take a deep breath, Lori. I'm here if you need me.

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martinstone said...

thank you!
I love you!