Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where were you.....?

Do you remember where you were 15 years ago tonight? Were you getting ready for a great weekend in March? Were you headed for a vacation? Were you grounded and stuck at home? Were you getting married? If you were in the state of Alabama, you were in the midst of the "storm of the century" or the Blizzard of '93!
As mentioned many times before, my husband is a bit of a weather geek. It's okay...we've come to accept it now. So, he's been all over the 15th anniversary weather blogs out there!
I remember where I was....on Friday, March 12th I was at good ol' Skate Country. I was ticked off that mom had my ride show up early and ruin my evening! Ahhh....the good old days! My BFF Nichole and I were dragged, almost literally, from the roller rink and carted home. Once it was made clear that we couldn't top the hill to get to her house, we took it back to my house.
The next morning introduced us to more snow than we had seen in Alabama - EVER. We went to Vermont the Christmas before to visit Nichole's family and the amount of snow there was amazing. More amazing was the fact that the entire town operated 'business as usual'. Anniston was shut down for days when the blizzard of '93 hit.
As Saturday morning turned into Saturday afternoon, we lost power at my house. This sucked because now we were going to be forced to entertain ourselves...without TV. We'd finally had all we could stand. So we bundled up, stepped outside and began our journey to meet Nichole's parents at a halfway point (that seemed like 8 miles but was actually probably only about 2-3). We spent the rest of the "vacation" at her house cooking in the fireplace, keeping milk cold on the deck in the snow, sledding down the hill and listening to folks call in to the radio stations complaining that they didn't have cable TV. There were folks without power, heat or water and folks were upset about missing their soaps! We went so far as to start using furniture as firewood to stay warm because we had used all the firewood.
It was an exhilarating experience....and one I'm sure I'll tell my kids stories about when they're old enough to roll their eyes!
Where were you when the white stuff started sticking in Calhoun County?


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

How funny!! I was with you at Skate Country. I remember being dragged away also! We was prob just about 2 the "truck" skating thing when our parents showed up
;-) Cause God knows we were AWESOME!! LOL

Anonymous said...
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martinstone said...

Mama and I hung wallpaper and cleaned the playroom. We had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky I remember what I did yesterday, let alone 15 years ago.

Briana said...

I was with your Weather Buff husband who fell off of the front porch into the 13 inches because he couldn't tell where the porch ended and the yard began... Good times!!

Barb said...

I was in Portland, OR, but we had the same weather. My roomates & I got laundry baskets and sleded down the hill of our apartment complex. It was hilarious!