Thursday, April 17, 2008

April ramblings for your reading pleasure!

I wrapped up session two of two on Time Management training today. Bo-ring. Seriously, my time could have been so much more well spent...on my own....sleeping, even. I was really looking forward to taking something away from the course...regardless of my previous venting on the subject.
I'm heavily inclined to believe that the small time frame had a lot to do with it. One hour per week for two weeks just doesn't seem to be enough to scratch the surface of how to manage time.
My blog I brought up about whether or not men and women can be friends garnered a few responses. I don't necessarily think that there were enough to be blown away, but perhaps I'll revisit in a few months and see if I can get some different responses. For the most part, however it appears that most share my sentiment. I feel that men and women can be friends. I tend to lean toward the thinking that it's not that mature adults can't be friends. No, what sours relationships, in my opinion, is the "media" that it can often garner from onlookers. Everyone knows those folks that just aren't happy unless drama is present. If there's nothing going on to keep them occupied they just might be inclined to make something up. Whatever it takes to keep them entertained. That's just my opinion, however.
So, I've mentioned my neighbors here before and I wish I could talk about them all the time. But, the last thing I need is them thinking they're the center of attention or something! (Just kidding, guys!) At a most recent gathering at their home I was fortunate to make the accquaintance of a friend of theirs that shares my affection for the most exquisite Orlando Bloom! It was so refreshing! I miss drooling over him!
Finally, allow me to introduce to you (by words only) Martha & June's Chocolates. I've recently accquired this business as my account through my occupation and I have fallen madly in love. They are not helping my "Weight Watchers" cause in the least! My favorite thing thus far has to be their caramel apples. They make the caramel in house. They start with huge green apples, roll them in caramel and they finish them off with just about anything you can imagine. Seriously...I picked one up the other day that was a White Chocolate Cheesecake covered Caramel Apple. Believe me when I say, it was every bit as good as it sounds. They have them rolled in toppings ranging from crushed Oreos to Butterfinger; pecans to dream it up, they'll make it. They are wonderful - the apples and the ladies! Pay Shelia, Martha, June and the rest of the girls a visit if you're ever near Gadsden.

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