Saturday, April 5, 2008


What's your most desired profession?
What I mean by that is....what would you like to do (either for a living or not) for the rest of your life if you had no other obligations? No kids to worry with. No significant other to depend on you. No pets to tend to. No strings, whatsoever. What would you do?
Maybe you'd stay right where you are doing exactly what you're doing. If that's the case, I applaud you for doing what you MUST love. For me...that's not the case. I was thinking about this today as I was on my way home from the birthday party of a friends child. My IPOD was on shuffle and several Jimmy Buffett songs were played in a row. It got me thinking...if I could sever ties with my community, house, schools, work, etc. I'm almost certain that I'd like to travel the world by sea. Essentially, It'd be a pirates life for me! Don't laugh...not a pilfering one, I'd be nice. But, to have a life that is free from worry or wander the seas take in more sunrises and sunsets than my eyes care to drink myself silly on Captain Morgan's Rum.....what a wonderful experience. I imagine a life of sea salt and spray; a life that is completely uninhibited and lead only by impulse and desire. Where do I want to go today? What do I want to do today? Who do I want to be around today? What would I like to eat today?
All that and I haven't even touched on the amazement found in scouring the many islands in search of the greatest places to eat and dives to visit. Can you just imagine? Close your eyes and think about the adventures at sea that would await! It entices me more and more every time I think about it!
Then, my wonderful kids laughing upstairs remind me that I'm tethered to this role...for now. I'm a landlubber, like it or not! At least until they head off to college. Do you think they'll be embarrassed to introduce me to their friends?
"Hi John...this is my mom, Lola...Capt. of the Hemisphere Dancer." (Several Jimmy references)'s not like I'd give a hoot at that point, right?!
Oh well, there's always retirement. May your seas be calm and your rum plentiful!


Anonymous said...

The sea could become boring, no one to talk to and how do you think you are going to dock and have $$$$ to spend on all those meals and drink?? And no internet .... no blog........we would all miss you. Not to mention that your skin will turn to leather from the hot sun, and skin cancer will follow...... and you refer to the soft kind seas, what about the horrible storms at sea and the scare of your life when you capsize?? I think you need to stay right where you are and just dream about your next vacation ..... or just try a cruise !!

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming Jenn...
they do make sun screen...
you could become Captin Ron to earn a living...or find a hidden treasure
I am sure some kind of GPS system or something could give you heads up on weather

martinstone said...

nice naysayers!
I'm with you on this, for at least a month or 12! I could really use some sea and sand right now. Ahhhh running my toes through soft white sand, warm sun on my face, cool fruity drink in my hand a hot cabana boy within eye shot, ahhhhh.....

KristinRanae said...


"I want to be there. Wanna go back down and lie beside the sea there..."

Name that Jimmy song!

It always makes me want to sit by the ocean, sip on a Corona, and read a book...with my feet buried in the sand.

Yep, when the kids are off to college. You and I can hit the sails! One things for sure, we would ALWAYS agree on what music to listen to;)

"Sailboats they go searchin' for the breeze
Salt air it ain't thin
It can stick right to your skin and make you feel fine
Makes you feel fine..."

Jenn said...

While I appreciate all the kind words about how I'd be missed...I'm sure there is wireless at sea. Worst case I could blog once a week or so (as I dock and get to know the islands and its inhabitants!) I'm looking forward to my retirement life of piracy!