Monday, April 7, 2008

Screw the kids....PARENTS say the darnedest things!

I guess maybe I should start a "Stupid Thing Of The Day Said During T-Ball" section for my blog. It happens so often, I'd never be short on stories...that's for sure! Allow me to set the stage for you: Game is in progress. Parents and grandparents alike adorn the ever so slight excuse for "bleachers". Smaller, stickier, louder siblings of those on the field are circling the legs of their respective parental unit. Nachos with cheese are hitting the ground faster than the clovers being picked in the outfield. It's a typical 5:30 game. Yesiree...we're in full swing (no pun intended) of T-Ball season now. Directly to my right sits...well, we'll call her "Mom O' the Year" who is clearly entertaining some visitors of the grandparent age and thereby ignoring her youngest child....who is guessed it, UNDERNEATH THE BLEACHERS! Maybe I'm too much of a hard ass...but I just can't stand it. This child is like an accident waiting to happen ALL THE TIME! If your child is accident prone wouldn't you want to pay extra attention? Sigh...I digress. On to the actual transpiration of events. Long story short, something happens to the child. Who knows what it was...someone took his toy, someone stomped his toe, he wanted something that he was told (God forbid it) no to. It doesn't really matter at this point. So, after several agonizing moments of the blood curdling, glass shattering scream, the paternal parental unit steps in to "save the day". He fails, by the way. So, he makes an executive decision to head toward the house. He says to "Mom O' the Year": I'm going to take him home. (Sighs of relief all around were most assuredly audible.) "Mom O' the Year's" response: Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy? Can't you just make him behave? I don't want mama to have to take us home. I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this family does NOT have a swimming pool. Where is the Mother's brain.......... sounds like in her butt sitting on the bleachers. I feel bad for her babies.

Jenn said...

Yes...let's hope not!