Thursday, April 24, 2008

Potty Business!

My schedule lately has been work and T-ball. It is what it is.
Today, our game was to take place at my old stomping grounds at 5:30pm (we won 22 - 15, if you're intererested). Just so you're aware, it's a modern day scheduling marvel that I get each of my children from opposite sides of town and end up in the desired location by 5:30pm on any day...let alone a game day. My workday doesn't end until 5pm, so I'm still not sure how I do it. I guess I'm glad neither of my kids get carsick. That could certainly throw a wrench into my schedule.
I managed to get back to work by 4:15pm with my son in tow and we immediately stopped in the restroom to change into his uniform. As he was wrapping up his utilization of the facilities, a co-worker of mine and fellow BamaMom came in to do the same. He happened to be in her stall. "Her stall?" you might be asking yourself. Allow me to clarify: she breastfeeds her baby girl. She uses the large (handicap) stall because there is a chair available to her to make it a more comfortable situation. As soon as I saw her coming, I set Hayden's wheels in motion. We can set the clocks at work by Lauren and her breastfeeding schedule, so I knew she was ready to get going.
So, I got him dressed (mostly) and told him to put his cleats on and head for my desk when he was done. He nodded in compliance and off I went to get some paperwork done before I had to book it to daycare and the ball field. He appeared shortly afterward. But, not before he got an important lesson in the ladies room. Lauren had taken her seat in the 'big stall' and the rhythmic hum of her breast pump began to fill the tiled lavatory. Of course Hayden's curiosity was sparked. He proceeded to hit the floor and stick his head up under the stall! He's a very inquisitive little he's not alarmed by much luckily. He asked her what she was doing, and her response: "Well, I'm making supper for my little girl."
His response: "In the bathroom?"
He's witty too.....


Jason & Jessica said...

such a cute story!
got to love the inquiring minds our children have :)

KristinRanae said...

Ahhh! This is hilarious:) I can just picture it now!

Barb said...

That's hilarious. I love the curiosity.

LeighAnne said...

This is hysterical. I am shocked the questions didn't go any further than this!! :)