Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

I'm always amazed at the mind of my little man. He always thinks of others. He's always worried that someone around him or associated with him won't be happy. He has a heart of gold. Tonight was no different. We had finished up dinner and he was getting his snacks ready for tomorrow. As he was buried up to his elbows in the pantry, he spun around quickly to inform me of this: Hayden: "Mommy, I'm going to take three snacks so that I have one to give to someone that doesn't have a snack at my school." Me: "I think that's just about the nicest thing I've ever heard. You just might be the sweetest thing! I'm very proud of you for that." Hayden: "Thanks...can I take four?" I laughed out loud. I wondered if I was snowed into believing there was some pitiful kid with no snack at all sitting among the many snackers in his class. Or perhaps his plan is to break the bank by feeding the many hungry five year olds at WPES. I have to keep reminding myself, he's still your typical male...whether he's mine or not! Either way...his heart was in the right place.

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