Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Music to my Ears!

I love music! Pretty much all kinds. My favorite tends to be less than favorable to most music fans...not purposefully....just happens that way. I love music that makes me happy! I love music that makes me wanna shake my groove thang! I love dorky music...and I've been known to love a song by an artist that basically 'blows' by all music critic standards. I'm here to say that I'm okay with that! It's okay if you love that kind of music - stand up for yourself and your music! Especially if it makes you smile :) For instance...some of my favorites - and maybe some insight as to why - are (in no particular order):
  1. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" - Wham! I don't care what anyone says about this song. It's awesome! It's probably my favorite 'morning' song. Nothing gets me up and moving like Wham! How can you control yourself from jumping up and down when this song is on? I don't hold back...even if I do look like an idiot on the way to work - snapping and popping my head!
  2. "I Can Dream About You" - Dan Hartman This song always makes me dance! Granted, it's not spectacular dancing...but it makes me smile! And really, how many songs are left out there that allow you to showcase your 80's dancing? Not many, I assure you!
  3. "Blinded By the Light" - Manfred Mann 'Wrapped up like a deus' can't not love this song! One problem - this song makes me drive really fast. That doesn't help me have a happy morning when the nice officer decides to pull me over!
  4. "All I Want" - Toad the Wet Sprocket This song just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I'll be honest that I'm not 100% sure of all the words, but the melody and harmony in the song is enough to keep me playing it!
  5. "At Last" - Etta James This song always makes me think I can really sing. It's soulful, crooning and simply exquisite!
  6. "Brown Eyed Girl" - Van Morrison Simply because I am one.
  7. "California Girls" - The Beach Boys Made famous during my Senior Show in high school. It always makes me want to dance around on stage and head for the beach!Beach Boys
  8. "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" - Nelson Most people hate this song and that's just fine by me. I'm completely comfortable gettin' jiggy to this...or "After the Rain"!
  9. "Don't Pull Your Love Out on Me Baby" - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds You can't help but love this one! Listen to it...tell me you don't feel like dancing!
  10. "Footloose" - Kenny Loggins I need to explain this? In a town where dancing was forbidden...he made it so! AWESOME!
  11. "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" - Will Smith Lots of folks, I'm learning, aren't fans of his. I am. This song will have my bootie going everytime...without fail!
  12. "Go All the Way" - The Rasberries This one is an oldie...but a goodie! Got it from my neighbor's 70's CD! Thanks Chris!
  13. "Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake For so many reasons that don't have much to do with dancing, this song is one of my favorites! It's 80's hair band! Hello!!!whitesnake
  14. "Hole in My Heart" - Blackhawk One of my favorites to sway to in the back seat! (And I don't mean that in a nasty way, either!)
  15. "Hooked On A Feeling" - BJ Thomas Simply because my son and I will sing every word! He's my singing partner!
  16. "Hustle" - Van McCoy I want to be in Saturday Night Fever dancing to this song...70's attire and fabulous to have actually done the Hustle in a club back then? I bet I could go all night to this one!
  17. "I Ain't No Quitter" - Shania Twain Honestly, the video is what did it for me on this one. It's on my IPOD and I reference it often for a quick pick-me-up!
  18. "I Want You to Want Me" - Cheap Trick The best!!!!!!! This will actually have me singing out the windows to those passing by!
  19. "Joanna" - Kool and the Gang Another one to groove to from the 70's! Pop it in when you're feelin' blue! Perks you right up!
  20. "Just Friends" - Amy Winehouse She's crazier than a shit-house rat...but she can sing! And she makes me sing along!Amy WInehouse
  21. "Karma Chameleon" - Culture Club You can't have dorky/dancy/ridiculous music without including Boy George! I'm a fan...and that's okay.Boy George
  22. "Let's Hear it for the Boy" - Deneice Williams I have danced to this song in my best friend's kitchen with a broom. It's on video somewhere. I have to include it.
  23. "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green What isn't bootie shakin' about this one? You have to smile when you hear it...even if it's just a smirk!
  24. "Married Man's A Fool" - Ry Cooder If you haven't heard it...find it. It's crazy and it makes me smile everytime I hear it!
  25. "Mud On the Tires" - Brad Paisley I love muddin' and I love him I can't help but smile!
  26. "PYT - Pretty Young Thing" - Michael Jackson Talk about some serious groovin'! And I'm not that great of a dancer...but this song so covers it up!
  27. "Rock With You" - Michael Jackson Likewise...this one is just something you can't stay still during!
  28. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered...I'm Yours" - Stevie Wonder How can you not bust a move to Stevie? Is something wrong with you?Stevie Wonder
  29. "Smoke of a Distant Fire" - Marshall Tucker Band Just plain feel good music! Enjoy it by singing along and dancing!
  30. "Strokin" - Clarence Carter You can't hear it and not laugh...try it!
  31. "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel Just so damn happy you can't contain yourself! Your head will be boppin' before you even realize it!
  32. "We Built This City" - Starship A favorite for reasons only my mom and I know...we'll always dance to this one!
  33. "Would You Go With Me?" - Josh Turner If he's asking, the answer is yes! Oh...and the song is just too catchy to not learn the words and sing along.Josh Turner
  34. "You Can't Hurry Love" - Phil Collins My feet won't sit still through this one. It's a favorite for on the way to work!
  35. "65 Love Affair" - Paul Davis Just about one of the best! Dorky, ridiculous on a level superceding all others and genuinely cheesy! I love it! I actually have the claps all down!

I would rather listen to this "playlist" anyday than some of the other crap out there today! I was never into the grunge scene and the music had a lot to do with that. I just can't get into music that depresses me. Some might say that I just don't want to take the time to listen to the lyrics and understand the artist...and that's fine. Mostly, from music, I look to be entertained! Wham! does it for me! Always has...always will - well, mostly! ;)

I'd love to hear about your "On the Go" playlist! What do you use to get perked up?

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KristinRanae said...

So many of these songs brought back memories...specially of you dancing in the kitchen with a broom:)

But, what about some Jimmy Buffett? I immediately think of you when I listen to "Quitely Making Noise." You used to dance to that song and move your fingers like you were playing the xylophone. Hilarious! Oh, and you know what other song reminds me of you? What EXTRA corny song did we dance to all the time? Not that I think it should make your top list but it does remind me of you:)

I could go on and on about you and music. You need to post our senior show on your blog. We tore the house down with "California Girls!" Oh, and who could forget "Wishin and Hopin?"