Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You just can't go anywhere anymore!

What is up with not being able to go anywhere and not bump into anyone anymore? As most are aware, due to my absence of late, I've been under the weather. Well, on Sunday, I gave in to the pressure and finally made the trip to the doctor. Now, I had been in the bed (only removing myself to shower and, well, you know) so you can imagine I wasn't lookin' my finest! No makeup, hair wet, etc. Am I alone in the group of folks that just wander into the doctors office in whatever you could find in the floor? I can't be. I mean, you're going to the doctor...not a job interview. Those doctors can't be expecting you to show up in pageant attire, so be comfortable with the fact that they are used to seeing folks at their absolute worst and deal with it. You showing up bra-less and not matching is no surprise to them and they could care less...I assure you.
But, back to my original question: I show up on Sunday night at the facility to be "examined". I am (as previously stated) 'unsupported', un-matching and once my husband left - alone. My hair was atrocious, my face looked like a Krispy Kreme doughnut and I'm pretty certain the stems should've seen a razor - and that was just upon arrival. Well, you can't just go in, sit down, close your eyes and wait to hear your name called. Noooooooooooo....you have to bump into someone you know.
Now, it'd be different if it's like your best friend that you bumped into and ya'll can sit and chat. That's cool - odds are they've seen you at your worst anyway, right? You can catch up on family, school, whatever. Nope - you're going to bump into your County Commissioner. Someone who was married to a woman that you used to work with. Someone that you see on a weekly basis for things to do with your job. Ugh....why!?
Then, you're put in the position to force that polite, "Hey! How are you?" Obviously, you know the answer - you're both in the doctor's office. But, that's how it goes, right? The only saving grace you have is that they must feel as shitty as you to have gotten out of the house and show up. I hope you encounter those that don't care much for chit-chat...I hope they accept a simple, "Howdayado?" and move on. Otherwise, it tends to make your wait in that room a heckuva lot longer! (Sigh!!!!!!!)

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