Friday, February 8, 2008

Reasoning...from a 5 year old!

So, most of you are aware of the new 'lady friend' in my little boy's life. Her name is Gabrielle and, from what I hear, she's "all that and a bag of chips!" Still not having met this little chickie, I'm understandably skiddish. I mean, what are her intentions, exactly? Shouldn't this be discussed?
I'm kidding....partly. So, after the inaugural drawing came home introducing Miss Gabby to me, I was surprised to find out that the following week he was comtemplating a "break-up". HE'S FIVE!!!!!!!!!! I arrived to pick him up from school and the teacher tells him to "think about it before he makes any rash decisions." "What's she talking about?", I asked. "Oh, nothing.", he replied. "I'm just thinking about breaking up with Gabrielle.", he finished.
Turns out, after much poking and prodding, that his reasoning happened to be because she cheers for the wrong team. That's right...apparently, she's an Alabama fan. At our household, we pull for the Auburn Tigers (WAR EAGLE!!!!) and he saw this as reason enough that it just wasn't going to work out. He actually told the teachers at his school that his "family won't put up with that!" How hilarious is that? How's that for die hard?
Needless to say, he decided to give her another shot when she converted for him. I just might like this girl after all ;) I had to laugh at this...and I did - out loud, in fact. If only all life's decisions were that simple, huh?


Daniel said...

Even though I am a huge Bama fan and I hate your team with the same passion as you hate mine, I love this story. That's what this rivalry is all about. I hope my son has the same attitude as yours. When I was that age I would move the blue crayon away from the orange crayon before we even checked out at Wal-Mart! Who am I kidding... I still won't let blue and orange M&Ms touch!

Jenn said...

I agree! You can't get much more loyal than dumping a lady over her choice of team, can you? I remember I spit on someone's Alabama sweatshirt in first grade...I admit, that may have been a little overboard.