Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blog Buffet - indulge yourself!

February 2008 is just about quickly time flies, huh? I thought I'd recap a couple of interesting things that were thrown at me today...just in time to call February D-O-N-E!

  • I came upon this little ditty from one of my favorite blogs, List of the Day. Quite ironic that it goes hand in hand with my blog from yesterday!

  • My little boy came downstairs this morning - bright eyed & bushy tailed - and told me, as I lay in the bed lookin' ruff, I'm sure that I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen! Then he held my arm and told me it was warm. He said it reminded him of pancakes. I'm so happy to be the best looking, most like pancake mom he's ever seen!

  • "Wham! 30" happens in my pod at work everyday at 4:30pm. I was astonished to discover today that two charming, yet sheltered, individuals were not aware of who Wham! actually was. I'll save you the script of adjectives I used to describe their tortured selves and tell you that they left with a better understanding! "Wham! 30" Forever, baby! Whoo-hooo!

  • My husband is into plants, as you may have read before. He's in the process of getting his tomatoes ready to go in the ground. No, it's not time yet...but he's growing his from seed. He's been catching some flak from some folks for doing it this way. He mentioned that he was going to grow them from seed just to spite the naysayers. "Like you", he said. I reminded him that I never said he couldn't grow them. I just don't understand the purpose in doing it this way. Tomato plants are very inexpensive at the nursery and your odds are better that they'll be a hearty, stable plant once placed in the ground. His response: "That's like going to the mall to get a baby! You don't have the same attachment or love for the plant!" I had nothing else to say. Here's to voluminous production of acidic fruits in our garden and yours this year!


Misty said...

I have to agree with your husband! I started my tomatoes from seed last year in little peat pots and then transplanted them to the garden. They produced very nicely; it's one thing to buy a plant that someone else has babied and watched sprout; quite another to wait patiently for that first day when you see the tiniest tip of green stem poking up through the ground! It's like Christmas!

Misty said...
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Jenn said...

I'm glad to know he ain't the only patient one out there. I'd just assume buy them already ready for the soil. Call me lazy, I guess!