Sunday, January 13, 2008

Look out Miracle've got competition!

So, what do you do with your potato water? You know…the water you’re left with after boiling potatoes. I have a friend – Biff – who used to request I save the potato water for him because he would eat it…like potato soup. My husband was clicking around on Farmer’s Almanac the other day and found another use for the potato water – feed it to your house plants. Now, this might not be anything new to most of you, but to someone like me (who holds no interest in greenery) this was borderline interesting. I don’t do the watering at my house. Like I said, I’m much more likely to cause harm than good. Now the cooking, that’s 99.5% me. So, it is interesting that the two find a way to intersect. So, every time I boil potatoes, I save my potato water for him to distribute among the house plants. I don’t have photographic records of growth to pass along, but trust me when I say that the plants are loving it. I tend to gauge a plants growth by whether or not it’s getting in my way. If it used to not and now it does, that means growth to me. Don’t get me wrong, plants are nice. They’re a plus in the house. I’m just not gonna take responsibility for ‘em. Not unless I can unload something from my already full plate. (That’s another blog, however.) Discovering this use for potato water got me curious as to what else this starchy fave of my family can do. Thrifty Fun has a message board with suggestions from folks on how they keep theirs from going to waste. Check it out. Who knows…maybe it’ll be the cure for Cancer one day!

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