Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We don't need your help, ladies!

I'll just get it out there...I don't like women in sports. Before you get in a wad, let me explain. I don't like the female color analysts...the sideline reporters. They have been put on the field to draw ratings. That's all. Most of them weren't chosen for their astute knowledge of the game. More likely they were chosen based on their backside...if you catch my drift. Take a peek at this story on Kelly Tilghman. Don't recognize her name? Well, she's a graduate of Duke and happens to have swung a golf club in her life. I, on the other hand, have never had the pleasure of teeing off. But, I'm also not on the Golf Channel spouting off at the mouth. For those that haven't already heard or read the link supplied above, she was broadcasting at the Mercedes-Benz Championship (The PGA's inaugural event of the season) and made the statement that young players "should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley." I feel certain that I don't need to go into any detail on why this is so ridiculous! I'm pretty sure, and I haven't spoken to the moronic woman - I'm just assuming, that she's feels like a total idiot. I'm sure she's apologized both publicly and to Tiger himself. I'm sure she'll regret saying it. But why, or better yet, HOW do we let this happen? If I can back up to the statement I made earlier that 'I don't like female sideline reporters' I'd like to add something: Perhaps I just haven't seen one that I can respect. I haven't encountered one that has made me believe her knowledge of the game is in line with what she's saying. I just haven't found one that made me feel like she was down there for the love of the game. Don't get me wrong...I'd love nothing more than to be sandwiched between Tony Romo and Peyton Manning. But, I feel certain my discussion would be ill-fated if I tried to talk X's and O's with 'em! If they wanted to talk about how they organize their locker after each game or their pre-game rituals...that would interest me and I could definately keep up. But, the minute they segwayed into 'I-right formations, the shotgun or roughing the passer' you'd find me quiet as a mouse. I'm not saying all the ladies that are out there trying to change the face of sports are crap. Not at all. But, this little philly has not helped the cause, that's for sure. I beg of you...please think before you open that hole in your head you sometimes use for the consumption of food! You just may end up eating what you spew! I should probably add that I'm not an avid sports watcher. If the Auburn Tigers are playing, I'm tuned in. Other than that, I'd rather be watching paint dry/grass grow/wind get the idea. So, take this information for what it's worth. Perhaps it was my deep Southern upbringing that makes me feel this way. I'm not sexist in the least...I'm just partial to getting information (be it about a football game, chess match or politics) from someone that knows what the hell they're talking about! Is that so wrong?


martinstone said...

I do not like the football side line ladies. I hate to see a cute blond, with perfect lipstick, hair and blush try to make small talk with a coach as he runs off the field to chew out or pump up his team. I can say, with confidence, that is a mans world. I love college football, i will always watch it, go to it, and cheer for it and the ladies belong in cheerleader uniforms. sexist?? maybe i dont care!

Jenn said...

Well put, Lori!

Nicole said...

I totally agree. I hate to see them stop the coach as they are running off the field and asking them some random stupid question like,"how did you win the game?" Keep it real Jenn!!!