Friday, January 11, 2008

These are my Lifelines!

Remember the show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ When Regis was the host, that show rocked! It came out when I was in college and it quickly took its place as the show you’d plan a party around. It’s wasn’t as dorky as you might be thinking…you could turn those questions into a drinking game pretty quickly. But, I digress. I was thinking this evening about the folks in my life and what I have to offer them. I was focusing on the fact that I hope they don’t feel shortchanged by me. They all contribute to my life in ways that are so fulfilling. I honestly can’t imagine my life without them. So, in the aforementioned television show, you were provided three ‘lifelines’ to help you reach $1,000,000. I’m grateful for my ‘lifelines’ because I know they’d get me through! For instance: If I were faced with a question regarding music I’d have Les on the phone faster than a cat can lick its butt! I don’t know anyone in possession of the musical knowledge he has. He might not be into Wham! as much as I’d like for him to be…but if the question were regarding them, I could take care of it on my own;) If the question revolved around anything to do with religion, my best friend Nichole is who I’m calling. She’s so strong in her faith. Aside from that, her curiosity about the subject in general is mind blowing. She wants to understand why other faiths/religions believe the way they do – and it may be only so she can tell you that yours is wrong and hers is right. I love this about her! Let a question fall out of the air about cooking and I’m calling Lori! (Especially if it’s how to make the best Banana Pudding EVER!) Not only does she love to cook, she loves to know about the food she’s cooking. She would also be my go-to for anything in the category of ‘Useless Information’. She constantly entertains me with tidbits of ‘you-never-know-when-you’re-gonna-need-to-know-this’ stuff. And if I'm questioned about the gimble cam socket on the nose closal removal station, Jeremy is my guy...that's some incinerator jargon that makes me laugh everytime I hear it! God forbid a question come up about politics or history or law because nothing will put me to sleep faster! But Patrick could go for hours on any of these subjects. I’ve never known anyone to get so excited about a Primary! He immerses himself in politics. Nor have I ever known anyone to pick up a book on the history of the Taliban, and how it came to be, for a little light reading. As for law…I’m pretty sure he just likes to argue. He uses a passion for law as an excuse to do so. Any questions regarding medical issues or the medical field in general would have to be deferred to my mom. She spent many years in the medical field. She’s familiar with the jargon. She’s aware of what it all means. Yea, she’s definitely my medical question guru! Lastly, any questions that involve the following will have me phoning home knowing my husband, Brent, can help me out: Weather – With all the equipment he’s got to predict and report the weather, I trust him more than the National Weather Service. Electronics – One look at our audio/visual setup in the living room will explain. Audio/Video; In/Out; Red, Yellow, White…it’s all Greek to me! Just show me how to use the remote…don’t expect me to fix it if something comes unplugged. Sports – He’s an avid fan of just about any sport. This drives me insane and seems like such a waste of time to me…but if there happens to be a million dollars on the line, I guess I’ll be grateful, huh? Gardening – I hate gardening. I will most likely kill anything that I’m made botanical caregiver over. He orders plants online. He plants things. He knows plants, their history, their uses, etc. If knowing the climate region where palm trees grow best would win me the money, I know he’d know the answer! My lifelines….what would I do without you?


Misty said...

hmmm...never really thought about who MY lifelines would be! I like to use that "all-encompassing life line"...the internet!

Jenn said...

Of course....but in 1999/2000 (when the show came out I was much more likely to depend on an actual human than the internet!

nicholeellis said...

Mine is right................. I love all this blogging you do ... it looks fun!!!!!

Love ya and miss ya bunches