Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Multi-tasking home decor...

Back around the holidays, my husband (bless his heart) got a novel idea. Create something to anchor into the walls of our living room to help absorb the sound, thereby decreasing the echo in the room.
Our living room has 18 foot ceilings, so noise does bounce around. The only way I take notice is that I can never enjoy watching TV in the living room because I can't ever get the volume right. I'll have it loud enough to hear while I'm in the recliner, but it's way too loud to those entering the room. So, I retreat to the bedroom for TV 99% of the know, for arguments sake. Sigh...anyway, so being the engineer he is, he came up with something we could "build".
Basically, it consists of a 4'x4' piece of plywood, foam backer board, lots of glue, quilt batting and material. Now, multiply that by four...cause that's how many we made. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, hanging them was a whole nother issue. I suck at math. So, I was automatically on the manual labor side of this endeavor. Nothing like perching yourself atop a 12 foot ladder and trying to "muscle" a 4x4 material covered piece of plywood up over your head and try to ring the anchor in the wall with the hanger on the back of the "creation"! Just ask my sister-in-law. She and I were the lucky birds doing the perching!
Nevertheless, they are up. I don't gather that they muffle much noise, but they certainly add something to the blank wall they now adorn. My neighbor refers to them as "Sound Barriers". He said anyone that lives with me would have to come up with something to absorb all the noise I create. I'm paranoid that he's seen me at my redneck-iest (screaming at the kiddies in the yard!) No worries, though. I am loud. Always have been and most likely always will be. I hate to say this, but it's just the way I'm wired. :)


Briana said...

BTW, I was also one of the masterminds behind this ingenious invention!!! And yes the hanging of the lovely decor was not the most desirable thing I've ever done!!

Jenn said... were! Your help was sooooo appreciated! We couldn't have done it without you...literally!

KristinRanae said...

This little home decor "invention" looks great too! I didn't quite understand what you meant until I saw it yesterday.