Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's all about making her laugh...

So, I recently visited one of my favorite blogspots, List of the Day, to find that he had comprised a list of top female celebrities over 40. It's great! I'm inspired to put a twist on it and get your opinion!

My list shall be comprised of those that bust my gut!! They might not be hotties by the standards of Tinsel Town but they make me laugh...and that wins my heart over looks anyday of the week! In no particular order, we have....

  • Vince Vaughn vince vaughn
You've seen him in Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers and Old School. He's not your textbook hottie...but his dry humor and quick wit get me everytime. I wouldn't kick him out of bed. ;)
  • Drew Carey Drew Carey
He has the best laugh...the kind that makes you start laughing - even if what he's laughing about isn't funny. His standup is my favorite! And I bet he'd keep you warm too!
  • Adam Sandler

adam sandler

He is awesome in The Wedding Singer. So just want to squeeze him! And doesn't he have a great smile?
  • Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

AKA Madea...he's great!

  • David Spade

David Spade

Two words x 3 - Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep. Don't you just want to love him?

  • Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell

To date, no one has made me laugh or cry harder than this man in The 40 Year Old Virgin! He is wonderful!
  • Will Ferrell


From Ricky Bobby to Ron Burgandy...Janet Reno to Alex Trebec. Either you love him or you hate him...I love him. He's not afraid to look like an idiot...and that's sexy!
  • Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider

My favorite to date has to be The Benchwarmers...but he's great all-around. And I bet his laugh is great too!
  • Wayne Brady

wayne brady

Whose Line is it Anyway? One of my favorite shows...also starring Drew Carey.
I know there are some great one's I've left off...who are your favorites?


KristinRanae said...

Me love Adam Sandler! He is hilarious and nice on the eyes as well:)

Jenn said...

Me too! I've always thought that Eric Williams reminded me of him! Don't you?

KristinRanae said...

Hmm? I've never really thought of that but I see what you mean:)

My fave Sandler movie has to be "Spanglish." You seen it? I think I enjoyed his "serious" side b/c I didn't expect it.

Misty said...

Will Ferrell is my absolute favorite Hollywood dude EVER! His sense of humor is right up my alley! I also LOVE Wayne Brady on Who's Line. I have to add Johnny Depp to your list; he cracks me up in the Pirate movies. Especially when he says he "made a raft out of human hair....from my back!"

martinstone said...

Vince is hot, anyway you look at him! Yes, laughter is the way to a womans heart, a nice smile and great lips helps too!

Anonymous said...

most teenagers are into the perfect prettyboys - which is disgusting. im 15 and i appreciate manliness and think will ferrell and steve carrell are two of the sexiest men alive!

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