Thursday, January 24, 2008

My tribute!

In honor of the passing of Mr. Ledger, I thought I’d compile a list of peeves. I shall call it, 10 Things I Hate About You. YOU will refer to the action that is being done, not the person doing it. So, take no offense if you’re guilty.

  1. I hate panty lines. HATE!!!!! It drives me absolutely crazy to see them. With all the modern options out there for feminine undergarments, find something that is seamless, barely there or thong-ish. If none of these options suit you, wear larger britches or go commando.
  2. I can’t stand lipstick on a cup. Coffee cup, mug, glass…whatever. It seems tacky to me.
  3. I hate unpainted toenails. I do not make exceptions on this. Please, please, please people. Paint those babies. It’s the decent thing to do.
  4. I can’t stand it when the toilet paper is replaced incorrectly on the roll. It should always roll over, not under. ALWAYS!
  5. I can’t stand it when someone’s pants leg is not over their shoe. If they’re walking around with it tucked into their shoe and they don’t even realize it, I have to ask how aware they are of their surroundings.
  6. I hate for my side of the bed to be warm before I get in it. If someone has been sitting on my side of the bed, I can’t go to bed until it cools off. Same goes for my pillow.
  7. I hate when someone borrows my chapstick/lipgloss and gets their own lipstick all over it. I will throw it away every time.
  8. I hate to hear individuals misuse words in sentences. For instance, your boss tells you that you “unconsciously” do something when they really mean you “subconsciously” do it. You don’t do anything when you’re unconscious. DUH!
  9. I can’t stand people that make excuses. I would rather hear a screaming child than excuses. Excuses do nothing but make me mad….they coincide with a negative attitude and the two hand-in-hand are insufferable.
  10. Finally…those folks that walk around feeling important when their cell phone rings and then stick around to talk (loudly) to the person on the other end. Odds are, no one in the room is on the phone with you. So, we don’t want to hear what you’re saying.

These are just a few of mine. I have plenty more where those came from. Perhaps for another blog. Anyone got anything stranger?


Anonymous said...

Jennifer is it...I hate to hear people who say, “Star Track” instead the obvious “Star Trek”. It's only a cultural icon and in the freakin Smithsonian man. Well, take no offense if your guilty.

Misty said...

Although I think bare toenails can be sexy, too, I do hate it when people have chipped polish or crusty looking nails!

And I hate it when people use the word "irregardless." IT ISN'T A WORD! IT MEANS THE SAME AS "REGARDLESS"!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT FANCY!

martinstone said...

"I seen it", dest-its desk people no T, walmarts-unless you are talking about all of them its walmart. One i heard last night, 'I aint but...' arg people are stupid. to name a few, i may continue with this topic latter!

Jenn said...

Anonoymous...Star Track sucks...cultural icon in the Smithsonian or not...and those that collect dolls for it are pretty lame too! No offense, you know! But, I appreciate your peeve with the mispronounciation. Thanks for stopping by!

Misty - I've just started to accept the french manicure steps.

Lori - these are all great! I smell a sequel to this blog.

Briana said...

Being guilty of two of the 10 peeves, I feel as if I should make some changes... I will start with buying Jenn a years supply of chapstick. Maybe I should just go with a lipstick tattoo and eliminate the other as well...

Barb said...

I cannot stand when people say "you welcome", its You are welcome or You're welcome. Welcome is not the person's description. I do not like the word ain't, it is poor grammar. There are many more, I could go on, you named a few of mine too.